What Does a Comprehensive SEO Audit Consist of?

Tecmaco’s SEO audits can help you identify your website’s advantages, disadvantages, and possible & relevant areas for development. However, it does not end there! We not only provide information about your domain’s status but also help you improve your SEO and those critical areas for your business to rank better in the different search engine results. Get to know all the basics of SEO audits and why is Tecmaco the best SEO professional platform to boost your site!

How many types of SEO Audits are There?

SEO Audit

SEO (search engine optimization) audits make such a deep analysis of all the factors important to optimize your website and identify problems that might be impacting its visibility, so some different types or sections complement each other and that cover every aspect that has to be taken into account for a high-quality SEO.

Types of SEO Audits: On-Page audits

On-page SEO audits refer to the analysis and improvement of aspects like the URLs of the websites on your domain, the meta title or title tags & meta description — which describe your page content to let your prospective customers know what they will find on it and include relevant keywords for the Google search console to crawl your site and include it in their index —, the visual elements, and the links your website has to guide your viewers to internal or external sources.

Types of SEO Audits: On-Page audits >> Content Audits

By analyzing the content of your website we can make sure:

  • There are no grammatical errors.
  • Everything has coherence.
  • Your website has properly structured data.
  • The information found on your site is substantial and meaningful (high-quality content).
  • All the relevant keywords are being properly used.
  • There is no duplicated content.

Types of SEO Audits: Off-Page audits

Off-page audits check some external aspects of the website that impact its competitivity and search appearance, for example: 

  • If your business uses social media.
  • If you have a proper backlink profile implemented.
  • Your website’s and your competitors’ traffic volume.
  • Visitor retention and click-through rates.
  • Whether you have a domain name or not and how many sub-domains you manage.

Types of SEO Audits: Off-Page audits >> Technical SEO Audits

Technical SEO audits are part of off-page audits and refer to all the technical factors to take into account so that your website loads faster (checked by Google PageSpeed), is safer, can be recognized and indexed by Google Analytics, offers a great user experience in any browser and mobile devices, and is traceable for their crawler to include your site in search results.

This is all about the codes and architecture, like the structural aspects (hierarchy or sitemap, robots.txt or SERPs, site speed, and AMPs) that can make your visitors’ experience either great or bad and that can be decisive for Google and other search engines’ algorithms.

What is the “Checklist” of a Search Engine?

In website ranking, there are certain techniques that search engines like Google use to identify the most relevant websites on the internet and help end-users to better navigate and find the information they need online.

These techniques can help businesses and content creators to better understand how their content is crawled, processed, and ranked (actually, we take into count search engines’ criteria to make your website competitive and your content visible). 

What are Search Engines’ Stages?

  1. A crawler identifies new content and adds it to the search engine’s database (like Google’s repository).
  2. The system organizes the collected information and creates an insight into what is it about to create a searchable index.
  3. The engine will rank your website depending on how relevant its content is. Your link profile can appear on the results pages and be used to answer users’ questions as a recommendation.

What are SEO Audit Tools? How do they Help Improve my Website?

The audit tools are all the high-quality digital platforms we have available to study and create long-term SEO strategies to improve your website’s ranking. There are different resources that we use that help us make sure you have concrete and factual results, and that the growth of your website can be measured and sustainable. 

Are SEO audits worth it?

When we talk about digital marketing visibility and the user experience is everything, with Tecmaco LTD’s professional assistance, you will have measurable improvements and will also:

  • Have the best version of your website with improved friendliness for your potential customers.
  • Meet your goals based on your business model and site’s purposes (effective SEO solutions, optimized resources, and high-quality content).
  • Become relevant for the search engines to crawl, index, and match your content with your target audience.
  • Create short and long-term plans to not only significantly increase your business’s online visibility but to stay on top of the results pages.

How much do Digital SEO Optimizations Cost?

The cost of performing an SEO optimization for your business depends on its size (how many websites does your domain have), the target audience you want to reach, your business model, the goals you want to achieve, the existing issues that need to be addressed, and in general, your specific needs.

The service that we offer is personalized and comprehensive because we understand that each project has different needs to improve its search engine ranking, so the price ranges we manage really depend on what has to be done. That is why we invite you to click here to contact us and talk with one of our representatives; we’ll be glad to prepare a cost quotation for your business!

What is the Difference between an SEO Analysis and an SEO Audit?

Unlike SEO webpage audit services, which conduct extensive data research and evaluate the past effectiveness of your site’s SEO efforts, SEO analysis uses techniques to confirm or learn about the effects of using SEO factors on search engine rankings. With Tecmaco, you will have both SEO audits (because we need to determine the status of your website and how to proceed from there) and SEO analysis (because we aim to address the existing issues and help your business achieve high visibility and ranking through SEO strategies driven by results).

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